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Pro Angler, Capt. Tadd VanDemark

Capt. Tadd has been a professional angler for the past 14 years, touring the US in various redfish tournaments. He was the 2006 FLW World Redfish Champion, and won the 2007 FLW Team of the Year and has 14, top 5 finishes. He was also the 2010 runner-up Team of the Year for the Elite 50 Redfish Tour. Capt. Tadd is one of the top 5 leading money winners in redfish tournament history.

Capt. Tadd's TRUE FISHING Winning Ways

Show host Captain Tadd VanDemark has fished various locations along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts and he shares his insane love of fishing in every episode. His highly organized and detailed angling skills will teach you different ways to catch various species of fish. His open and honest approach to fishing will explain the true techniques and tactics about the sport. Based in Florida and having the experience of being on the Pro Tour with some of the best, Captain “Tadpole” will educate you how to use lures, equipment and more. Plus his secret winning ways!

About Capt. Tadd

Tadd VanDemark is a born angler. Starting out in Champaign, Illinois, his passion for the sport and his skills evolved over the years. Although Tadd has fished all over the United States, he set up his charter business in the Florida Keys where he resided for twelve years, before moving to Port Charlotte three years ago, where he continues his 16 year career as a top charter boat captain.



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